Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

So this is about chiropractic care in our office and pregnancy, primarily geared toward women.

Pregnancy can be a very, very trying time on a mama or expecting mama. We do love taking care of pregnant women. We find that they all basically have the same goal, to have a very healthy, safe, pain-free pregnancy labor and delivery. And we can support with all those processes because we help the spine. Anyone who's already gone through a full pregnancy knows it. The pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the spine, both because there's a lot more weight on the spine, but also because the hormonal changes change the ligaments in the muscles so that the body doesn't have as much support.

So what we do is we do a very thorough analysis, we don't x-ray pregnant women, but we can analyze through our posture photographs, our palpation and our complete skeletal and spinal neurological examination of pregnant women. And what we do is we find the alignment of the spine during the pregnancy process, if there's the slightest rotation in the pelvis or in the hips or in the spine, as the pregnancy develops, that can increase the pain, the difficulty and the challenge in the labor and the delivery. What we do is analyze and we make gentle adjustments to the spine, the neck, the mid-back, the lower back to help realign the spine and take the pressure off the nerves and help the nerves that control the body be as healthy and relaxed as possible.

There are studies about it relaxing the nervous system of the body during pregnancy, about the spine healing and functioning better, but of course, about better pain, no pain, less pain in the body, as well as just feeling much better. Women who get adjusted during pregnancy report a much, much better pregnancy, labor and delivery. There's also a technique that we perform called the Webster technique which has an 84% success rate of turning breech babies. And the reason is because when the spine or pelvis distorts and twists, it twists the uterus. Most of the ligaments of the uterus suspend from the pelvis and the lumbar spine. So when that twists up, the baby gets twisted and jammed up, which is one very important reason why we adjust so many babies at birth as well, but it's best to have that mother's spine aligned and perfectly healthy before the pregnancy ends and the labor and the delivery. So if you'd like to find out if we can help you have a better, safer, healthier pregnancy, just don't hesitate to give us a call.