Increase Strength and Resiliency

Tips to Increase Strength and Resiliency

Hey there, we up here in Redding are some resilient critters. Here's what I mean by that. We're tough, I see, as I look out on the road and people are getting all around and some people think it's a good idea, some people think it's a bad idea. But I can tell you this, with the car fire, and the camp fire, and the hail, and all the crazy things we've been through the past few years, we're resilient people. My goal for today for this video is to teach you to be even more resilient.

Yeah, I was just talking to Anna just a minute ago, who carefully pressed the button to start this record, that if you were betting on race horses, assuming you're a gambler, and you got to see the horses, their whole... Their last week of their exercise, and their nutrition and everything, the one horse was stuck in his stall, and he's been smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey, and eating ice cream and doughnuts. And the other one was drinking pure water and eating all the best oats, and apples and everything, and he's been exercising every day. Which one would you bet on? We'd bet on the healthy one. So if you're fighting a virus, or you're fighting just depression, or you're fighting pains, or you're fighting whatever, who would you bet on? You should bet on the you that's taking great care of yourself.

So my point in this is, take amazing care of yourself during this time. A lot of people I know are shut up. My parents in the Bay Area, they haven't left for more than two weeks. And I was talking to my parents this morning, I was laughing because I saw a meme that made me crack up, that said, "Hey, if I were in quarantine with my wife for two weeks, it wouldn't be the virus that killed me." Anyway, just saying. My dad also said his wife, my mom, is doing some unusual gardening lately. She's dug a hole in the ground that's 6 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft and he doesn't quite know why. And she was in the garage hammering away, building a six-foot long wooden box and so he didn't really know why. Anna is laughing, she gets what I was saying. Thanks Anna, you got it.

So anyway, take great care of yourself so you don't end up in the six-foot box, all jokes aside. So, here's how we take care of ourselves. Number one, feed your body great nutrients, make sure you're getting tons of water, plenty of water, at least half your body weight in ounces. Better yet, all of your body weight in ounces so if you weigh 130 lbs, just over a gallon of water a day would be amazing, keep your body flushed. That also stops craving for the ice cream, and the cigarettes, and the whiskey like the bad horse that we were talking about earlier. Feed your body healthy fruits and vegetables. Super, super, super, extra important during this. If you don't know how to get 'em, Country Organics is delivering. Go to their website or call them. They are now delivering for a very nominal charge.

Also, exercise. Get outside, especially in the middle of the day when there's a lot of sunlight. It's beautiful these days. Get your body out and get it moving. You don't have to run sprints or do crazy things, just get some exercise. That stimulates your immune system, stimulates your joy system in your body, just take care of yourself that way. Also, get lots of sleep. If you want details, by the way, on this, I'll point you to my talk that was about 45 minutes long. You can get a lot of details on this, but you gotta sleep every night. Really, a minimum of seven hours of real sleep, which means you gotta be in bed about eight hours. Super, super important.

Also, lastly, most importantly, get adjusted. So, if you're a regular patient or if you're not a regular patient. If you know us, but you go to another chiropractor, great. Most chiropractors are open right now in town. Just like most physical therapists, we're considered essential. It's very, very important to take care of your body. We here at the office are doing crazy, efficient, healthy protocols. We're keeping six-foot distance, we are spraying with hospital-grade disinfectants, we're sanitizing and washing our hands very regularly. It's safer than going just about anywhere else, and it boosts your immune system and keeps you strong. Even if all it did was kept people out of the hospitals and avoiding medical care, those guys are way over-burdened right now. We need to make sure we're taking care of them.

So, as I said, if you know us on Facebook, Chiropractic First. If you've already liked us, you can go straight to our page. I gave a talk and a lot of details of what I've just explained to you. You can go do that and if you haven't liked our page, you need to do that in order to view it. Just the way Facebook works, but we're here to support you. The last thing finally about getting adjusted, almost forgot, is we're doing house calls. I've already done two today, I'm gonna do two more later. If you aren't comfortable going out, please let us know. We're doing house calls. We can do them outside, especially in weather this beautiful or just whatever we need to do to support our community.

Lastly, I'm so blessed and I'm so thankful because the patients who are coming in have expressed so much thanks that we're staying open. People need us maybe more than ever right now and I'm so blessed. Really, really touched to be able to serve our public in this way, to be able to take care of people. So, we're thankful for those of you who are coming in. Don't be shy if you need a house call, I'm happy to make it. We're happy to take care of you, that's what I'm made to do. So, thanks for tuning in, we appreciate you all. Be blessed, stay healthy, and take care of yourselves.